Hiring and Training Employees
A) Hiring
Of course, the people you hire to do the home health care work are going to be a critical aspect of the success of your home health care business. You’re going to want to set up a list of desired characteristics for your prospective employees. You’re going to want to define a set of core competencies for your employees. These employees will have access to your clients’ houses, so you want to make sure they’re honest and reliable. It’s a good idea to do a background check on each applicant, to check if they have any criminal convictions, etc.
Besides this, you’re going to want to decide whether your employees should have the competence to read and speak English. If you’re going to be giving them printed job tickets (generated from your specialized home health care software), they're going to have to be able to read and understand English. However, if employees are going to be working in teams, it’s sufficient of only the team leader has this competence. Also, some specialized software applications for home health care businesses will print job tickets in Spanish, or some other language. Ask your software vendor whether their software does this.
Hring and Training Employess for your House Cleaning Business
B) Training
There are a variety of methods for training your staff. One popular method is to have new employees watch a few videos, which show in detail what they are expected to do in the customers’ houses, what chemicals they should or shouldn’t use for each part of the house; what to do and what to avoid dong; etc.
C) Retaining
It’s costly and time-consuming to train new employees, so you’re going to want to do what you can to retain the good employees.
I have heard several home health care business operators complain about the unreliability of employees, and claim that this is the prime source of the failure or stagnation of their home health care business.
Several of our more successful home health care business owners have established a bonus system for employees who perform well, who show up when scheduled, who get few complaints, etc. By encouraging good and efficient work, by showing appreciation through payment of bonuses, these employers have greater success in retaining good employees, thus ensuring good, efficient service to customers, fewer complaints, etc.
Note: Check that the software you purchase has a facility for recording Quality Control information about employees. With that feature, you can make a record each time an employee receives a complaint, or compliment, and make decisions about which employees to reward, and which need more training, etc. (based on the Quality Control reports generated by your professional home health care software.)
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